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WiWilliam Nocera for Mayor


  • Regional Approach to Homelessness
  • Streamline Small Business Development
  • Attention to Infrastructure Improvements: Streets and Sidewalks
  • Clean Thoroughfares
  • Increased Housing Supply
  • Good Governance and Best Practices
  • Rainy Day Fund
  • Tackle Unfunded Liabilities Honestly and Forthrightly
  • Preserve Neighborhood Quality
  • Promote Civic Involvement and Civil Discourse
  • Family Friendly Public Policy
  • Good Neighborhood Schools
  • Restore a Healthy Two Party Competition for Governance.  Offering Competing Ideologies for Goverment and Public Policies to the Electorate.  
  •  and, Most Importantly, A vote for this candidacy is a vote against Donald Trump by restoring the integrity of one of those parties.  Yes, a Message Candidacy as a precursor to next year's Presidential election.